April 26, 2009

Ok, gonna put up some pics before my usual wall of text :p

My Kenny Rodger's Quarter Chicken w/ Cheese Marcaroni and baked rice that I had at Marina Square weeks ago:

I <3 the rice~ SnowSakurai on right, me and Marvin helping out with teh grill

The ladies are doing all the dirty work .. guys only waiting to chope the food :p

Everyone gather round, here's (back row, left to right) vivoko, PanDiora, Shinigami, Dominica, snowolf, PaneraI, GuaiLanFrog, Luthirien (middle row, left to right) cyctoo, Clandestine, EnforcerBankai, SnowSakurai, Persephonne, Haiides, SpiritMoonZ (front row) Cookie and ICECUBE. Sorry if I mixed up anyone's ign.

Our ambassador for liquor: GuaiLanFrog haha, anyone wants their alcohol fix, you know who to find :p

The sushi I made, wrapped and displayed nicely on the tray with Marvin's help before it was all eaten by the hungry wolves :p

On to my wall of text nao~

I finally landed a job as an admin asstant at NUS, and have been working since Thurday at the SDE faculty. I must say, its a win-win situation - food's cheap there and I like what I do at work, so it's all fine~ The only grouse I have is that I need an hr to commute to and fro every morning, squeezing with the crowds, but oh well, no pain no gain. And for the BBQ outing yesterday, well, on Friday evening Marvin and I went to IMM to shop for ingredients and things we needed, and had Subway Melt for dinner with cookies~ The last time I had Subway was at Raffles Place during my OCBC attachment last year.

So Saturday morning, I travelled to Marvin's place to do the sushi, and we had fun throughout the whole process :p I thawed, boiled the ingrdients and got Marvin to run errands for me (buying Japanese short-grain rice was a bit of a problem, NTUC nor Cold Storage stocked it, in the end Marvin had to go to Bugis to buy a bag) then rolled the sushi while Marvin did the cutting. And gosh, his house is a mess T_T and the stove! I nearly fainted when I saw it. Really tak boleh tahan, so I ended up cleaning the stove before I started doing the sushi. And his room is a .. well, when its messy its like a real pigsty. We made enough for 4 trays, and then went to Bedok to take a bus to East Coast Park. By that time we were already late, and it was dark plus my favourite sandal went buaya on me T_T So Marvin sacrificed his slippers for me to wear while he went barefoot =x

Had to walk a long long way to the BBQ pit, when we got there, everyone was already eating and having fun. Ate, drank, talked, laughed, chatted with new Athena pple and old Baron pple; and then GLF brought Chivas Regal, Martell and Vodka. Woots! Now this is what I called a party, thankfully, Marvin let me have some alcohol. We went to have green tea as a mixer with the chivas, and everyone toasted each other and we all had tremendous fun, what with the guys trying to throw Cookie/vivoko into the sea for a dunking :p Food wise, there was grilled prawns, sausages, crabstick, grilled stingray, chicken/mutton satay, beef kebab, Snow's pasta salad (curly marcorni with cashew nuts and white sesame seeds) and my sushi ^^ They pretty much wiped out everything, so I didn't get to bring any sushi home for my family to try.

Had a bit of hmm, eventful day while trying to get home. But I do honestly feel, when my Dale is with me, things will resolve themselves.

Next update in a week or so ^^, that's all for now.

April 06, 2009


7 more days, and it would have been a month since I last updated my blog. Many things have happened, like my laptop dying on me and having it sent to the NUS Co-op for repair (heaven forbid I live without my laptop, I really suffer withdrawal symptoms); or going for interviews and calling up companies which I still do, since I'm still unemployed. And with university students graduating soon, competition will reach a new peak.

I should be so lucky to have time to call my own, and lately because I'm unemployed and stuff, I actually get to spend more time with my family, with Marvin, with my GE friends, and this trade-off should be all good, except my bank account's seeing red and it doesn't help that my mum constantly tells me the expenses she will offload to me once I get a job (like my PruLife insurance premium and transport fares and poly fees I have to pay back to her). Reality sucks, its cruel but I have to face it anyway, like it or not.

Food wise, I think a few weeks back I had Kenny Rodgers with Jas and the peeps, I love their corn muffin, and the way they design their menu is pretty cool, you get their KR chicken and choose from hot/cold sides. The cheese macaroni was ok for the first few bites, after that too much cheese put me off. I liked the baked rice, but too bad they served it in small portions. And then recently I had banana and chocolate cream, from Marvelous Cream @ the Citylink mall, thanks to Marvin who got it for me as a treat, and I <3 the chocolate waffle too~

Today, woke early to go for Qing Ming Festival, me and my dad cycled to Yishun Columbrium (I dunno how to spell, its the place like a temple where urns are stored) just opposite Yishun Primary School, which was once Peixin where I studied). Because I didn't have time to have breakfast before I went out, my dad was worried I'd blackout again like the time we went to Marsiling on bicycle, so he got me pao while we waited for my mum and relatives to come. Before that we went to look-see around the place, my first time, and it was hmm, smoky and hot and crowded .. Qing Ming is really a big family affair, with everyone bringing their offerings and stuff to pray for their deceased. Then we had to wait a long while for a table to place our offerings on the table. When we were done, my little bro came from his wushu and joined us for kway chap, after that my dad and I cycled to Northpoint, but it was raining quite heavily and we had to wait at GV.

Around 12, I went to my grandma's place to visit my baby cousin Siew Min, she's really cute~ If she's excited she'll do circles with both her feet lol, like clockwork and she doesn't seem to tire of it. At one point I got to carry her for a while, babies are fun in the sense they have those small little hands that like to grab your finger and not let go, and she kept looking up at me as if trying to place who I was. Well, at least she didn't mind me carrying her, but cried when my mum tried to. After that, I doubled back to GV to find my dad when Siew Min fell asleep, but he called and said he was waiting with our 2 bikes downstairs @@ I wonder how he did that, what with the rain and all, and he can answer the hp on the bike for longer than me (I saw it today, and I just stared at his back with my mouth open like some goldfish while he answered my mum's call, riding the bicycle through bends and narrow paths like it was a wide, smooth road =x) My dad is imba.

GE wise .. I want my account back. Playing AQW and fishing on DF helps alleviate the numbness.

Marvin and I, we've had arguments, good times, bad times. Sometimes my mum or my friends ask me, what do I see in him, oh well, I guess the difference is that I'm the one who has feelings for him and not them. I should be so lucky to call him "mine", when people are trying to match make him with their daughters or girls hitting on him. Yet at times, when I can only think of throwing the towel in frustration, I wonder if couples have quarrels about specific issues only .. and how they work through it.

All I want, is for things to be OK. That's all.

March 08, 2009

Pics galore

My bluetooth device decided to work one morning, so I went and got my pics uploaded.

What Marvin got from me when he came back from Indo on 2 March:

VCDs (pirated =x) and this cute monkey keychain:

I waited for him at the airport, but his elder sister turned up, so in the end I had to miss Ivins with Jaslin and the peeps. Later we all met up at AMK Hub, then went to New York New York, where me and Jas shared this Fried Mars Bars:

Strawberry ice cream to top it off, and the nougat is omg, very sweet. Definitely recommended for sweet-tooth peeps and for those who have loose teeth.

7th March 09 Saturday
Michael took me out for lunch, drinks and dancing :D

Sugisawa: A Japanese restaurant tucked away at a little corner near Dhoby Ghaut

The interior:

My sushi bento (I <3 the cold soba)

Its a cosy place where you can enjoy decently priced meals; and Michael suggested we had warm sake as well, since it was raining. Sake is .. hmm, the warm one was nice, at first it really hits you then slowly lets off after a while, I think I like it better than Martel with green tea.

After that we went to the Redevous bar and shared champagne (again, Michael finished most of the glass for me) while playing drinking games. I kept losing to zero, maybe I should buy 4D =x and later, pear vodka with orange while he taught me some basic moves from Bachata, a kind of latin dance. Aparently, I have "no flexibility at all" but he says I'm a good student, since I can take instructions and I have "terrible shoulders" (I'm always hunched over the lappy when I play). Ah well, but it was a fun day, and next time when he gets back to SG again we're going for tapas at the ibis Hotel :)

These days, I have been out going for interviews, calling up companies from the classified ads .. went through a breakup and then days of mizerable-ness and then patching .. elation from +6 and 2nd socket on first try, then 3rd socket on the 2nd try with my lucky chipper Lysa on this WOS:

Then yesterday I went to RP to meet Marvin, and we went to this stall for lunch. I had lemongrass-chilli chicken slices from them before, but had never visited the shop:

ALL of the dishes on the menu are to die for, and Marvin says they randomise their menu daily, so you never know what to expect. And I had their abalone hor fun for lunch, yum-ness:

They serve it with bak kut teh soup, which is fabulous .. the sotong slices and chicken pieces are tender, the sotong still smelled of the sea but still, lovely. And for $4, its really good .. they have just won themselves a loyal customer from now on.

After that, my laptop wouldn't work for the whole day, and I kept getting this "0190 - Critical low battery error", so we went down to Funan It Mall thinking they would have IBM Lenovo batteries sold there, but no. Got myself this Sumajin optical mouse (1200 dpi) at $17:

Since I have been doing without a mouse for 3 whole years since I got the laptop, figured this was a steal so I bought it. My feet died from walking a lot wearing sandals with a hard base =(

Gonna go down to YJC with my family tomorrow, my sis says they're having a carnival so I'm going there to support ^^ That's all for now.

February 25, 2009

3 more days~

And so many things have happened since my last update. I'm counting down, 3 days til Marvin gets back :D

Been playing Mech Quest, I stopped for a year and went back to play, thanks to Hiryuu's urging lols

My mecha, the Wolfblade 2.0 from my House (like faction)

It looks ugly, but it sure packs a punch. Being non-sc, my stats below:

My House, Wolfblade. I love the uniform, it's gorgeous:

And the Drakel armor I'm grinding to get at lvl21:

Cool isn't it? :D And I finally got the weps I lusted after for so long: LG Pole and LG GS

Elentari modeling the new Ponytail hairstyle~

That's all for now, will update again on Sat ^^

February 18, 2009

my papers finished today, yay~ I'm done with exams, excuse me while I burn my books :D

10 more days til Marvin comes back, does anyone wanna come with me to Changi n welcome him back? ^^ maybe have like a reception or something, haha. then go makan atFish&Co!! I miss the fish there =x or go Popeyes at T3 hmm ..

less than 2 months til I graduate, do I feel happy/sad/bittersweet, I have no idea. Ofc, hope to graduate with everyone, and hope my grades can make it. jobs/uni .. still have no idea, still unprepared, still taking each day as it comes (some people call that sloth/laidback but hey, sorry if I don't feel the need to stress myself)

2 months ++ before I turn the dreaded 20. Eeeek. I hate the feeling of getting older. Don't ask my why, but I just wanna stay forever 18 =x And then after this well, milestone? can I call it that? what next .. career/studies/marriage. Which is the norm, and I don't really like following norms, but what to do, society has shaped our paths pretty much to follow a de rigour route, something Singaporeans are used it. Or, I could go travelling around the world and hmm, find myself? :p But first I'd have to find a money tree or a plot of gold bars to finance it.

emo gal listen emo songs lol, been listening to this playlist:

Jason Wade of Lifehouse - You Belong To Me
Counting Down The Days - Natalie Imbruglia
Colin Raye - I Can Still Feel You
P.Diddy ft Faith Evans - I'll Be Missing You
Daniel Bedingfield - Never Gonna Leave Your Side
Lost - Michael Buble

ah well. 10 days feel so long. anyways, check out the lyrics below ^^

Michael Buble - Lost

I can't believe it's over
I watched the whole thing fall
And I never saw the writing that was on the wall
If I'd only knew
The days were slipping past
That the good things never last
That you were crying

Summer turned to winter
And the snow it turned to rain
And the rain turned into tears upon your face
I hardly recognize the girl you are today
And God I hope it's not too late
It's not too late

'Cause you are not alone
I'm always there with you
And we'll get lost together
Until the light comes pouring through
It's when you feel like you're done
And the darkness has won
Babe, you're not lost
When your world's crashing down
And you can't bear the cross
I said, babe, you're not lost

Life can show no mercy
It can tear your soul apart
It can make you feel like you've gone crazy but you're not
Things have seemed to change
There's one thing that's still the same
In my heart you have remained
And we can fly fly fly away

Repeat Chorus

I said, baby, you're not lost (x4)

February 12, 2009

Loads of stuff to update on!

Think I better start with the more recent ones, else I'll get sidetracked.

Ok, first most important, is that Marvin went back Indo on Sunday for a month to hmm, "pei" his mum. Altho was secretly reluctant, but cannot be selfish tell him don't go home and visit can I? So on Sat, before he flew off, brought him to Ivins for lunch :D Met late, since he had to book his plane tickets in the morning (he wins award for super last minute KING), but we both enjoyed it. We got beef rendang (he ate, not me), the he peow soup (fish maw) and honey pork with plain rice (coconut rice no more liao, so sad) Sadly, didn't order banana split, miss it so much. Boo, next time sure order 1 for myself muhaha. After that we went to Pierce Resevoir to sit for a while before meeting Kimi to take our thumbdrives with jGE soundpack files :D TQ Kimi~ and went to the Eastern Restaurant for dinner. I will foreva love the food there man, always subarashi~

*I miss him very badly ahhhh* *only been a few days gosh* *wonder how will I survive the rest of the month*

Next, 2 papers down! Left with SENGP, which will be my final hurdle to clear then I'm free to play til I drop dead. Although, my peers talking about uni admissions, testimonials, asking each other "what are your plans after graduate" or "which uni you wanna go" gets me scared just a bit. I'm the type who's hmm, lazy and don't think or plan ahead so .. guess I really have to sit down and think whether I want to go further studies, which IS the prudent thing to do, in this downturn .. or find a job, which won't be easy, because people are jobless now .. and there's the matter of writing resumes. Yay. I think I'll take things one at a time and see how it goes =x

Whole family is coughing, sans my didi and my sis. Me, I think is my favourite potato chips did me in =( and my mum got it from my dad and my dad got it from er, goodness knows where. So now like, I'm coughing less but its still there. So sian, this cannot eat that cannot eat =(

And then GE! Yay. It's been my hmm, refuge, the-thing-that-keeps-me-sane throughout all the crazy presentations and Java and all. Oh speaking of Java, I do think I'll be safe. Mr Mar is really kind, giving me chances to redeem myself, and thanks very much to Jack who I still dunno very well, but without you teaching me Java I think I can just jitao flunk this module liao.

Ok, back to GE. So yeah, I vet my Nar ytd, or was it 2 days ago hmm. And then I finally crafted my first first 32AR weapon .. King Sword (chess gs). And, first chip first tranq gave me this stat hehe, think I shall keep it ba.

Also, been topping up gpts recently (haven't done so for 7 months at least) and traded off the fraulein costume to the eternal rose rapier, which my Selva is welding below:

Isn't it pretty? I think the rose petals really stand out. Still don't know what to craft for my next and last 32AR weapon, think most people already know I got 3 DHR in one night (the night, or rather the morning I got stuck with the 2 stupid Java review qns and decided to de-stress by playing ABS) so I won't repeat here le. Gonna help Marvin ger his Nar and hopefully the diary too when Clement loans some weps over. Grinding is boring of late, 2 spare barrack slots and dunno who to make. Maybe STW? Hmm.

Oh yeah, gonna add in Kimi and Welling to my list of blog links~

And my sis will be permenantly in YJC, beause her appeal failed. And she went to join squash. Haiz I dunno what is she thinking, its like the sport with the highest chance of injuries.

Going in GE now, ciaos~

January 13, 2009

MY SIS GOT 12 POINTS FOR HER O LVLS!!! After minus cca is 10 points, and she's going to JC~ Haha, then we were joking that when its my bro's turn, he needs to get 6 @@ cos I got 18, my sis got 12, so yeah. But he is lazy (like me) and hate studying (also like me) so I dunno if 6 points is possible la.

In IT3505 lab now, going through tutorial after the test (I can't rmb what I keyed in but I know I'll fail this one) and when faced with eh, wall of text (literally) for the essay qns .. do what I do - scribble keywords =x

Yeah I know I'm lazy and all. And I feel like a skunk, lately. My sis says chipmunks are from the same family as skunks (those black critters with white stripes down their backs) is it true? o_0 and then my Marvin got me this like 30cm tall Chip plush toy just 2 days ago. Sadly this morning, when he was squeezing it to death T_T the thread at the back of its head got er, dislodged. So now my poor Chip needs sewing work to restore its head back. And I told him to exchange with the store he bought it from, but I don't think he kept the receipt. =(

So now, he should still be doing his php. I say should, because I don't know if he's playing GE when he's supposed to be coding. But our lives are on the line!! So I hope you'll work under stress Dale. And no sidetracking =x

A lot of projects. Meetings, school, presentations blah blah. I would so lurve to go on holiday now =( Next week I retake my Java practical .. since Mr Mar says if I don't I will jolly well repeat another sem. And just the other day Clara talked to me for a bit on msn. Yes, I want to graduate with you girls, even though because this year my timetable's whacked, we have drifted apart.

Spring cleaning fever is catching on, I think. At home, the study room is a eh, war zone (srsly) and my cousins are clearing their old clothes, I think donate to Salvation Army is better than give garang guni. I want more sexy baju for CNY .. ok not really that sexy but well, new ones, but my wardrobe boom already so bo bian. My bro's bday is coming up on the 17th. I have no idea what to get him, he's only Pri 5 and well, I can't be getting him assessment books for his bday rite, will be quite sian ma. He's a cow, so maybe I'll get him the coin-saving thingy I saw at Causeway Point. Hope he won't mind this cheepo present from his da jie. Hopefully my mum will order Pizza Hut~

Oh, and when I can, I wanna go to Ivins (treat my dale for his hard work) and to Ikea (chicken wings! and the mushroom soup that my sis says is tok gong). My bank account is hmm, hopeless. But I don't care .. I'm happier buying what I like then keep all the lui in the bank earn lousy interest.

Exams coming .. phew. I'll be glad to graduate. Jobs, further studies and such .. let's leave em to later. Ciao for now.